Professional Development Plan (PDP) Summary

Requirements for the Professional Development Plan

General School Requirements Section 100.2 (dd)

Summarized by Peter L. Kozik from Information at Part 100.2, NYSED.

The purpose of the plan shall be to improve the quality of teaching and learning by ensuring that teachers participate in substantial professional development in order that they remain current with their profession and meet the learning needs of their students.

I) The PDP must:

  1. be adopted annually by September 1 of each school year;
  2. include teaching assistants and substitute teachers; and
  3. may be a part of a comprehensive education plan of the district
  4. include in part a description of the professional development activities provided to all professional staff and supplementary school personnel who work with students with disabilities;
  5. be developed through collaboration with a professional development team, including at least one representative of a higher education institution, provided that the board of education or BOCES determines that a qualified candidate is available to serve after conducting a reasonable search.
  6. take a maximum of 180 days to develop;
  7. be adopted by the board of education or BOCES at a public meeting.

II) The content of the PDP should include:

A. a needs analysis, and goals, objectives, strategies, activities and evaluation standards for professional development in the school district;

B.     how the school district will provide all teachers it employs substantial professional development opportunities directly related to student learning needs as identified in the school district or BOCES report card and other sources as determined by the school district; how it will provide teachers it employs holding a professional certificate with opportunities to maintain such certificates in good standing based upon successfully completing 175 hours of professional development every five years;

C.     teachers' expected participation in professional development

D.    the alignment of professional development with New York standards and assessments, student needs, including but not limited to linguistic, cultural diversity and special needs, and teacher capacities;

E.     the articulation of professional development across grade levels;

F.     the efforts made to ensure that professional development is continuous and sustained;

G.    the manner in which the school district or BOCES will measure the impact;

H.    provision for the training of employees holding a teaching certificate or license in the classroom teaching service, school service, or administrative and supervisory service in school violence prevention and intervention;

I.       provision for a mentoring program and description of the program, using the following elements:

1)     the procedure for selecting mentors,

2)     the role of mentors,

3)     the preparation of mentors,

4)     types of mentoring activities,

5)     time allotted for mentoring.


III. Reporting Requirements for Professional Development: School districts and BOCES shall report to the department in a form and a timetable prescribed by the department, information concerning the completion of professional development for regularly employed certificate holders,


IV. Recordkeeping requirements for PDP: School districts and BOCES shall be required to maintain a record of professional development successfully completed by certificate holders;   school districts and BOCES shall maintain documentation of the implementation of the mentoring program described in the professional development plan.  Such documentation shall include for each individual