Dialogue Guide Links

Dialogue Guides are models for conducting interactive discussions across stakeholders in States and districts. These packages make new use of dependable and publicly available information, thus reducing the need to produce new papers. Each Guide circulates a common set of source materials and suggested procedures for involving various audiences in States and districts. In this manner, stakeholders (families, practitioners, professional associations, professors, policymakers, legislators) all over the country can begin interacting in new ways around implementation issues. We will collect and share the stories of your dialogue and add your suggestions. In this way, we will build a true collaboration with stakeholders in every role and in every part of the country." For more details and information about the key changes within IDEA 2004 as described by the Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs, please see ...


For an example of the questions that about 100 people from various roles created to stimulate dialogue around the key changes, please click on the active links at the following location:


To download the Facilitator Guide, which describes ways to invite people who are interested and/or concerned about the same issues as you to come together in dialogue, please go to th following and click on the active links.