Family and School Collaboration

iAdvocate (ipad iphone ipod app)

The goal of iAdvocate is to share and develop specific strategies with parents for working collaboratively with a school team to improve their children’s education. iAdvocate uses problem-based learning strategies, simulations, and provides contextual access resources to build parental advocacy skills and knowledge.

This available FREE from the iTunes Store.

Equity Alliance

Research based practices and loads of other resources for including everyone.

Film: Including Samuel

Photojournalist Dan Habib rarely thought about inclusion before he had his son Samuel seven years ago. Now he thinks about inclusion every day. Habib’s documentary film Including Samuel examines the educational and social inclusion of youth with disabilities as a civil rights issue.

Golisano Report on Transition

The report describes the struggles of families as they try to plan for their loved ones’ futures and as they face complicated systems and a lack of information about their options. Recommendations in the report include local solutions such as increased communication between schools and service providers, as well as changes needed at the state level.

The Value of Parent-Teacher Collaboration

A brief article (letter) written by Debi Kellerer that succinctly addresses the reason behind improving parent - school collaboration.

Dialogue Guide Links

Dialogue Guides are models for conducting interactive discussions across stakeholders in States and districts. These packages make new use of dependable and publicly available information, thus reducing the need to produce new papers. Each Guide circulates a common set of source materials and suggested procedures for involving various audiences in States and districts. In this manner, stakeholders (families, practitioners, professional associations, professors, policymakers, legislators) all over the country can begin interacting in new ways around implementation issues.

New York State Dispute Resolution Association

The New York State Dispute Resolution Association, Inc. (NYSDRA) is a nonprofit professional membership organization committed to the promotion of quality conflict management and peaceful dispute resolution.

Matrix for national educational technical support

The Matrix provides information on federally supported technical assistance services to a range of stakeholders and encourages collaboration in planning and implementation among technical assistance providers.

Presentation from the May 2006 Inclusion Conference: Bringing Us All Together

Here is a powerpoint presentation that was presented at the May 18th 2006 Inclusion Conference in Rye NY.

The Parent Side

For those who battle for what others take for granted. T-shirts, bumper stickers, hats, mugs and more.

NYC Parents for Inclusive Schools

An organization of parents, educators, and advocates working together to make inclusion of children with disabilities a more viable option in New York City Schools.

school rating

RateMyHighSchool is the best new way to see a high school before sending your child there. The sole purpose of our service is to help give parents and students an accurate picture of the high school they will be attending

Parent to Parent of New York State

A place where families of individuals with special needs and the professionals who support them can meet and share information.

Exceptional Family Resources

Supporting families whose sons or daughters have a disability.

Parent Network of Western New York

Provides services for the families of individuals with disabilities throughout the Western New York area.

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