WebAnywhere: A screen reader on the go

This screen reader, unlike the many others, operates online so there is no software to install, and it can be used from any web browser equipped with audio.

It is not as fast or as sophisticated as a dedicated screen reader. It is handy for quickly testing how a screen reader will read your webpage.

Autism Program Quality Indicators

A self-review and quality improvement guide for schools and programs serving students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

VESID Listserv Instructions

You can receive notification by electronic mail of the latest memoranda and other technical assistance documents available on the VESID website by joining the VESID Listserv.

Rubric for Assessing the Qualities of Partnerships Between Schools and Teacher Preparation Programs at Institutions of Higher

This is a slideshow by Melissa Price giving an overview of the Rubric.

PDF: Survey on Culturally Responsive Teaching

This survey can be used to promote discussion and gather information on Culturally Responsive Environments in schools.

A Building-Level Needs Assessment and Action Planning Process for High School Inclusion

Development of this module was supported in part by the New York Partnership for Statewide Systems Change 2000, a collaborative project of the New York State Education Department and Syracuse University, from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.

Case Creator Software for Case Studies

A uniques piece of software that creates video case studies for use in classes.

Rubric for Assessing the Qualities of Partnerships Between Schools and Teacher Preparation Programs at Institutions of Higher Ed

The purpose of this document is to assess partnerships between schools and institution of higher education teacher preparation programs. By focusing on specific quality indicators, this rubric may be used to help assess these partnerships for a variety of purposes:
1) pre-program needs assessment,
2) ongoing self-assessment,
3) observational tool for studing partnership effectiveness.

( Word Document)
Also included is a powerpoint presentation giving an overview of the rubric.

Easy School Search

Freely browsable database of over 130,000 US public and private elementary and secondary schools with grades kindergarten through twelve. The site lets you map schools by zipcode ,freetext searches, or simply browse by state,district or county. The data provided includes characteristics such as school size, school level, geographic region, community type, program emphasis, and other info.

school rating

RateMyHighSchool is the best new way to see a high school before sending your child there. The sole purpose of our service is to help give parents and students an accurate picture of the high school they will be attending

See It Right

Assessment to identify and remediate visual perceptual problems caused by a sensitivity to light. This assessment is a cost-effective, dynamic program developed specifically for teachers and specialists who work with elementary students.

Scoring Matrix for Program Quality Indicators Addressing the Needs of Students Through Inclusive Schools

The purpose of this matrix is to assess programs that seek to provide quality inclusive schooling to all students.

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