Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Rubric for Assessing the Qualities of Partnerships Between Schools and Teacher Preparation Programs at Institutions of Higher

This is a slideshow by Melissa Price giving an overview of the Rubric.

The Labor Market for Public School Teachers: A Descriptive Analysis of NY's Teacher Workforce

Many policies being implemented, are intended to raise the level of instruction by attracting and retaining high-quality teachers. In order to design effective policies we must understand... (see attachment)

Retaining Teachers: Lists of Articles and Annotated Bibliographies

A resource on teacher retention, attrition, and turnover.

Personnel Center - National Center for Special Education & Related Service Providers

Working to increase the nation's capacity to recruit, prepare and retain diverse highly qualified special educators, early intervention and related service providers.

BOOK: Keeping Quality Teachers - The Art of Retaining General and Special Education Teachers

Cover of the book: eeping Quality TeachersThis user-friendly tool for retaining quality teachers — especially those in special education — contains a framework for action that can be used to create a plan at the school or district level, or to strengthen existing plans.

Addressing Teacher Quality and Supply Through Compensation Policy

This Article is designed to address the issue of salary compensation as it affects teacher quality, teacher supply, and teacher retention in New York State

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