Guidelines for Designing Curricular & Instructional Modifications to Address IEP Objectives in General Education

This manual presents a process and a set of planning worksheets for Student- Centered Planning Teams to use in designing individualized curricular and instructional modifications. The process outline in this manual consists of six steps outlining a series of actions and decisions that need to be made by the Student-Centered Planning Team.

A Process for Restructuring Service Delivery Models for Inclusion in New York State

This process for restructuring service delivery models for inclusion is based on a number of assumptions about educational restructuring efforts in general and inclusion in particular.

A Building-Level Needs Assessment and Action Planning Process for High School Inclusion

Development of this module was supported in part by the New York Partnership for Statewide Systems Change 2000, a collaborative project of the New York State Education Department and Syracuse University, from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.

Drawing Distinctions Between Coherent and Fragmented Efforts at Building Inclusive Schools

This discussion highlights the importance of making clear distinctions between the implementation of comprehensive and coherent inclusive practices and the inevitable problems or dilemmas that result from partial or fragmentary implementation. Practices that are seen in successful inclusive settings are discussed, as well as ideas concerning implications for future research and practice.

Written by
Linda Davern, The Sage Colleges, Education Dept., TroyMara Sapon-Shevin, Syracuse University
Michaela D' Aquanni, Syracuse University
Mary Fisher, Syracuse University

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