Inclusive Adolescent (Secondary) Education

IRIS Modules for

Visit the IRIS Center for Training Enhancements for free online interactive modules, podcasts, case studies and articles that directly and effectively translate research about the education of students with disabilities into practice. The materials of evidence-based topics, including behavior, RTI, learning strategies, and progress monitoring.

Very effective modules that can be used directly with students in teacher preparation programs.

Breaking Ranks II & High School Reform

A follow-up to the 1996 seminal report Breaking Ranks: Changing an American Institution, Breaking Ranks II engages principals, teacher leaders, and the entire school community in reforming the American high school into an academically rigorous, personalized learning environment that is improved through collaborative leadership.

Breaking Ranks: Changing an American Institution

A Report of the National Association of Secondary School Principals in Partnership with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching on the High School of the 21st Century.

Resources on Ninth Grade & Ensuring a Smooth Transition into High School

Subject: REFERENCE POINTS: New Resources on Ninth Grade & Ensuring a Smooth Transition into High School

REFERENCE POINTS is an activity of TATRA, a project of PACER Center

National High School Center Releases Resources on Ninth Grade and Ensuring a
Smooth Transition into High School

The National High School Center has released a new set of resources focusing on
how to support and guide a smooth transition into high school. "Ninth grade is a
critical make-it-or-break-it year for many students and we wanted to highlight

POWERPOINT: How Do We Make Adolescent Inclusion Work?

This presentation by Peter Kozik covers several ideas and information gleened from the Think Tank on Adolescent Inclusive Education.

A Building-Level Needs Assessment and Action Planning Process for High School Inclusion

Development of this module was supported in part by the New York Partnership for Statewide Systems Change 2000, a collaborative project of the New York State Education Department and Syracuse University, from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.

Bibliography: Resources for High School Inclusion

The following items have been particularly useful in working with High Schools through the Systems Change 2000's High School Inclusion initiative.

Engaging and Inclusive Instructional Strategies

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