Student Summaries from the 2006 Summer Symposium

The following presentations were given at the 2006 Summer Symposium put on by the NYC Regional Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schooling. The links will take you to PDF summaries of the presentation. The summaries were written by Teacher Prep students.


Urban Narratives by David J Connor

This book by Task Force member David J. Connor addresses Portraits in Progress
Life at the Intersections of Learning Disability, Race, and Social Class.

New York City Department of Education

The NYC Department of Education website provides connections to programs and policies in the NYC region.

Supporting Inclusive Classrooms: A Resource

Edited by David J. Conner 

Produced through the efforts of The New York City Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schooling

This book is available as a downloadable pdf document.

NYC Parents for Inclusive Schools

An organization of parents, educators, and advocates working together to make inclusion of children with disabilities a more viable option in New York City Schools.

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