2002 Final Report

prepared for the New York State Education Department
October 2002

This report is available in a series of attached pdf documents in the order listed below.

1) Executive Summary
2) Table of Contents
3) SIG Annual Report
4) District/School Goals Table
5) Table Definitions
6) Activities Table
7) IHE/District Activities Table
8) Region Table
9) Initiative Tables
- Initiative 1
- Initiative 2
- Initiative 3

1-executive_summary.pdf136.52 KB
2-table_of_contents.pdf58.57 KB
3-sig-evaluation_report.pdf998.42 KB
4-district_goals.pdf393.57 KB
5-table_definitions.pdf86.99 KB
6-activities.pdf56.76 KB
7-ihe-district.pdf75.08 KB
8-region.pdf123.5 KB
9-initiative1.pdf115.56 KB
9-initiative2.pdf104.35 KB
9-initiative3.pdf106.08 KB