2009 Initiative 23A Final Report from the PBS Study Group

This Final report submitted by Amanda Fenlon details the efforts of the Study Group on Positive Behavior Supports to meet their goals of

  • Explore How to Implement/Utilize PBS QIs in Teacher Preparation Programs
  • Collect and analyze data and implementation of QI activities
  • Collaborate with SETRC in using QIs

(See attached pdf)


2009 Final Report for Initiative 23A: Special Education Practices Study Group

Submitted by Howard Weiner, group facilitator, 8/30/09

The focus of the current study group’s work derived from issues raised last year by the first Special Education Practices study group. Two SETRC documents, Quality Indicators Review and Resource Guide for the Delivery of Special Education Services, and a survey
of IHE use of quality indicators in teacher preparation programs, provided the original group’s information base for discussion and findings.

(continued in the attached pdf)


2007-2008: A Report on Three Initiatives

This document is a summary prepared by Peter Kozik in November 2008.  The summary covers the following initiatives:

  • Initiative # 5-8-3 Regional Task Force Structure and Leadership,
    Partnerships, and Summer Symposia 2007-2008
  • Initiative #23 Study Groups for Literacy, Positive Behavioral Supports, and
  • Effective Special Education Practice in Schools 2007-2008 Initiative #24: Investigating Effective Practices Pilot

2002 Final Report

prepared for the New York State Education Department
October 2002

This report is available in a series of attached pdf documents in the order listed below.

1) Executive Summary
2) Table of Contents
3) SIG Annual Report
4) District/School Goals Table
5) Table Definitions
6) Activities Table
7) IHE/District Activities Table
8) Region Table
9) Initiative Tables
- Initiative 1
- Initiative 2
- Initiative 3


2002 Report on Three Initiatives

Executive Summary


2005 - A report on nine initiatives

The 2005 version of the continuing series of reports issued by the New York Higher Education Support Center for Systems Change and its Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schooling, this summary report focuses on intiatives including faculty fellowships and leadership groups.

2003-2004 Report on 5 Initiatives

A report summarizing five initiatives form 2003-2004 Regional Task Force

1999-2000 Annual Report on the TFQIS

Annual report on the Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schools

1998-1999 Annual Report on the TFQIS

Annual report for the Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schools

2002-2003 Report on Initiatives 3a, 5, 7, and 8

Summary description of the results of 4 initiatives run by the NYHESC

1996-1997 Annual Report on the TFQIS

Annual report on the Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schools

1995-1996 Annual Report on the TFQIS

Annual report for the Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schools

1997-1998 Annual Report on the Task Force for Quality Inclusive Schools TFQIS

Annual report filed by Gerald Mager for the Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schools

2003 Summary on Three Initiatives (1-3)

Report on #1 Seeds for Co-Teaching Grants, #2 Partnership Exploration Grants, and #3 Regional Task Force Summer Action Grants.

Minigrant Initiatives Final Report on Inclusive Teacher Preparation Programs

Asked institutions to indicate their overall plan for developing or modifying their teacher education programs to prepare all teachers for working successfully with students who have special needs. This document is a final report of the project.
(96 pages - PDF)

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