Presentation: Partnerships in Brooklyn

Michael Shoenfeld's PowerPoint presentation on inclusinve teaching methods and partnerships in Brooklyn.

Presentation: Model of what will be done with the Evidence Based data from around the NYS

Steve Wirt's presentation on possibilities for displaying the data collected. (click on the right side of the screen to go forward, click on the left side of the screen to go backward)

Presentation: Career and Vocational Ed. Teachers Understand Special Education

Elizabeth Hall's presentation handouts. Career and Vocational Education (C/VE) teachers noted that more than one half of the population of their classes had IEPs or Special Education Needs.

Reading First

Noel Granger's presentation on the national initiative to ensure every child can read at grade level by third grade.

Guided Questions for Evidence Based Practice Information Gathering

This chart is used as a series of guided questions to help document what evidence based practices are in use and being supported.

Movie suggestion: My Brother

A movie based on the lives of two brothers, one with Down Syndrome and one without. The movie has not been given adequate promotion due the the powerful nature of the film. Despite many awards, it never became main stream. Be sure to make an effort to find it and see it.

Activity Directions: Evidence Based Practice Data Gathering

Outline of the steps of the main activity for this meeting.

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