Great Teachers and Great Leaders

This presentation was given at the Spring 2011 Statewide meeting of the Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schooling by Robert Bentley Teaching Initiatives & Teacher Certification from NYSED - Office of Higher Education

A large portion of this presentation was given that is not represented in the attached slides.

The Complexities of Educating Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Young Children with Disabilities

Language Impaired or Second Language Learner?
This presentation will examine the major issues regarding the
identification, assessment, and instruction of Culturally and
Linguistically Diverse (CLD) young children with disabilities. We will also discuss how to address these issues in teacher preparation programs.

Presented by Victoria Rodriguez at the 2011 Spring Statewide meeting of the Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schooling.


The CONNECT Modules teach practices to solve dillemas in Early Childhood Education.

Effective Use of the Literacy Quality Indicators as a Tool for Assessing School District's Instructional Programs & Practices

This presentation will provide participants with a brief overview of the format of the LQIs. Case studies will be presented on the various ways school districts have incorporated the use of LQIs in determining priority need areas as well as prescribing and planning activities to change practices to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. Several "Walkthrough" formats that have been designed based on the LQIs will be shared.

Two books recommended in this session were

Collaborative Inquiry Teams for more Inclusive Pedagogy: Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project

Asked to provide professional development for the recent New York City Special Education Phase One Reform, TCICP convened 8 year-long collaborative inquiry groups of public school teachers and administrators. The project director and research fellow provide an overview of the project and two teachers share how the Spotlight work helps them support the achievement of students with disabilities in general education classrooms.

Presented at the March Statewide meeitng of the Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schooling by
Cynthia Gillespie
Celia Oyler
Sarah Schlessinger
Robert Quinlan

Statewide Meeting Overview - 3/25/2011



Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schooling

Cradle to Career Education: The Role of Early Childhood Special Education as the Foundation For Learning

Presented at the March 25th Statewide meeting of the Task Force on Quality Inclusive SchoolingMarch

Presented by:
Barbara Schwartz, Ph.D., Associate Clinical Professor
New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education & Human Development Department of Teaching and Learning
Cecile Gleason, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
The College of St. Rose, Department of Teacher Education

Social Competence and Young Learners

This presentation was given by

Cecile Gleason, Ph.D. from The College of Saint Rose, Albany and
Yoon-Joo Lee, Ed.D. from Brooklyn College, CUNY

at the Spring 2011 Statewide meeting of the Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schooling

There were videos linked in the original presentation. They do not function in the attached version.

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