Presentation: NYU Disproportionality Project Overview

Provides an overview of the TACD Project's technical assistance and professional development training modules.

Danforth School Inclusive Humanities Initiative

Powerpoint presentation on inclusion and literacy including English Language Learners

Presentation: Partnerships in Brooklyn

Michael Shoenfeld's PowerPoint presentation on inclusinve teaching methods and partnerships in Brooklyn.

Presentation: Model of what will be done with the Evidence Based data from around the NYS

Steve Wirt's presentation on possibilities for displaying the data collected. (click on the right side of the screen to go forward, click on the left side of the screen to go backward)

Presentation: Career and Vocational Ed. Teachers Understand Special Education

Elizabeth Hall's presentation handouts. Career and Vocational Education (C/VE) teachers noted that more than one half of the population of their classes had IEPs or Special Education Needs.

Reading First

Noel Granger's presentation on the national initiative to ensure every child can read at grade level by third grade.

Guided Questions for Evidence Based Practice Information Gathering

This chart is used as a series of guided questions to help document what evidence based practices are in use and being supported.

Activity Directions: Evidence Based Practice Data Gathering

Outline of the steps of the main activity for this meeting.


This presentation by Patricia Geary illustrated how VESID is utilizing the State Performance Plan (SPP) and NCLB - IDEA

POWERPOINT: Universal Design for Learning Mathematics: Reducing Barriers to Solving Word Problems

This session by Merry Staulters and Deborah May summarized how a multiple-case study design was employed to investigate how UDL procedures could be applied to word problems in mathematics.

POWERPOINT: The Principles of Culturally Responsive Teaching & Culturally Responsive School Environments

This presentation by Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz offered insight into developing Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) and Culturally Responsive Environments (CRE).

POWERPOINT: Regional Task Force Final Report Summaries

This presentation by Melissa Price and each of the Regional Liaisons summarizes how each region addressed the two goals of the Task Force.

POWERPOINT: Overview of the State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG)

This presentation by Matt Giugno and Wilma Jozwiak addressed the direction of the development of the SPDG.

POWERPOINT: How Do We Make Adolescent Inclusion Work?

This presentation by Peter Kozik covers several ideas and information gleened from the Think Tank on Adolescent Inclusive Education.

POWERPOINT: Demographics from the May 2006 Inclusion Conference in Rye Town

This presentation from Melissa Price showed the demographic breakdown of who attended the Inclusion conference in Rye Town.

PDF: Survey on Culturally Responsive Teaching

This survey can be used to promote discussion and gather information on Culturally Responsive Environments in schools.

PDF: Promise, Practicality and Prudence: A Synthesis of Second Generation RTI Research

This summary provided by Howard Weiner addresses the importance of RTI research and impact on student outcomes.

PDF: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Resources

This handout is a list of resources promoting Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. Provided by Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz.

PDF: Administrators? Perceptions of Response to Intervention (RtI)

This handout offered by Roberta Wiener and Leslie Soodak provides a bibliogaphy of materials on RTI.

This mess we're in and Other History Lessons

PowerPoint Presentation by Beth Ferri from Syracuse University.

The Accreditation Cafe: Making the process of accreditation stronger

PowerPoint Presentation by Peter Kozik of the HESC at Syracuse University

Accountability for Results: State Performance Plan

PowerPoint Presentation by James Delorenzo from VESID

A Critical Research Analysis of Membership in Inclusive Education: Issues and Implications

PDF Presentation by Elizabeth Erwin from Queens College

POWERPOINT: 2002-2003 HESC Year in Review

A powerpoint presentation given at the Oct3, 2003 statewide meeting of the Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schools

POWERPOINT: 2002-2003 HESC Year in Anticipation

Presentation given at the October 3, 2003 statewide meeting of the Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schools

2005 - A report on nine initiatives

The 2005 version of the continuing series of reports issued by the New York Higher Education Support Center for Systems Change and its Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schooling, this summary report focuses on intiatives including faculty fellowships and leadership groups.

2003-2004 Report on 5 Initiatives

A report summarizing five initiatives form 2003-2004 Regional Task Force

1999-2000 Annual Report on the TFQIS

Annual report on the Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schools

1998-1999 Annual Report on the TFQIS

Annual report for the Task Force on Quality Inclusive Schools

2002-2003 Report on Initiatives 3a, 5, 7, and 8

Summary description of the results of 4 initiatives run by the NYHESC

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